Welcome to the school that leads to cash, not work! A simple website with a big brain behind it! My name is Alexander. This website has one purpose in mind: To get you rich, or richer!

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My lottery winnning formulas are the products of hard work and endless hours, days, months and even years of thinking - thinking how all of us can win the lottery. My formulas were mostly developed for the MegaMillions (USA) lottery. However, they are equally valid for all other lotto games. Some people refer to them as lottery winning strategies, guides, techniques, tips, methods, systems, etc. I call them formulas. There are endless amount of websites, books, dvd's etc about how to win the lottery, but most of them are worthless and won't actually make you win the lottery. You knew that, right? Yes, me too! I am the guy that puts an end to that. My goal is for all of you guys to enjoy life as much as I do or even more. Don't forget to help others - that's what I am doing here. Also, however, keep in mind that some of the best things are free, just like these formulas!

My lottery winning formulas work with ALL lotteries/lotto that numbers are drawn and players choose their numbers themselves. It does NOT work for lotteries that you do not select your numbers yourself or scratch tickets, etc.

Formula #1 (coming by 1.1.2018)


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